(archived)Crisis on Infinite Polygons (Comics/Animation) Issue #7: Behold the Wizard


One again Sneaky Spy Guy show's off his unspeakable powers of header making.

Guess who's back this week? If you guessed a trap crazed Birdo you were wrong, if you guessed the Spider-Man obsessed weirdo you were right(More on that in a moment)! But at least I know what I'm talking about more than 40% of the time! Closer to 70%.

Now on to my totally biased recommendations!

Featured Animation: The Spectacular Spider-Man


Venom with vial of yellow liquid and Spidey's mouth exposed.....hrmmmmmm....

What is this show BreadKnight? What makes it different from the others? Why do love this version of the tried at true Spider-Man so much? Well I'll tell you.(Fair warning, this is my favorite show ever, I'm about to sing it's praises all over)

You see this show was the brainchild of Greg Weisman, You might know him from "Gargoyles" or more recently "Young Justice" and he went about making this show in the style of the Ultimate Universe(right about here Chaosbirdomaid begins thinking of which Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon joke to use), by that I mean he reset the clock so to speak, he didn't take it so far back that we had to see the origin of Spider-Man for the eleventity twelth time but he brought Peter Parker back to his early Spidey days and centered the plot around Peters high school years.


And what does High School entail in America? Girl troubles,Halloween episodes and background "Amazing Bag-Man" references.

As of the show Peter has only been Spider-Man for about half a year and at that point really hasn't really experienced anything anyone would call a super villain, but make no mistake, classic spidey bad guys are all over the place in this show, some kept close to the original interpretations(Rhino for instance, smashes things) And some reinvented for a modern audience(Tombstone being upped from mob enforcer to Kingpin of Crime). But the thing that really makes the villains special in this show is how complex they are, none of them are comic book style "Rawr I am a bad guy so I need to steal and smash and fight heroes!" The all have their reasons for doing what they're doing. Another excellent part is that you very rarely ever just have a villain pop up from nowhere you'll see them in earlier episodes, doing whatever it is that will later lead them to be the evildoers we all know.(Doc Ock for instance being an insecure scientist pushed too far by his employers and later snapping and developing his Megalomaniac"Doc Ock" persona we all know)


Most of the season one villains at their most villainous.

As you know from my rantings the villains are great, but what about the good guys? I can safely tell you they're great as well. Peter has that old Parker luck running from the very first episode in both school life and Spidey life and he's presented much in the same way he's presented in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic albeit a bit simpler. The supporting cast consists of most of the standard Spider-Man supporters but they're all given fresh twists, Gwen Stacy is far from the confident beautiful woman you know(Knew) in the comics, presented here more as a shy intelligent girl. Harry Osbourne is that kind of kid who's not smart enough to be a nerd but not strong enough to be a jock, and unloved by his own father. And Mary Jane is....well Mary Jane is actually pretty close to the original. Others include Eddy Brock(Wasn't that a picture of Venom up there.....?) The Connors family, Aunt May, and that good old hot blooded newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson. There are far more characters who become more important then that but it would bloat this even more to list them all.


Main casts do love to stand in lines in front of a white background don't they?

Long post short, if you like Spider-Man even a little you're pretty much guaranteed to love this show. You can pick up the first season on DVD for relatively cheap online but thanks to the rights quagmire that I'm about to get to, getting Season 2 comes with buying those cumbersome "Volumes" they use to entice kids with 3 or 4 episodes per disc. The show itself is only two seasons long, though it was planned for more a rights issue broke out between Sony who was the holder of the rights and Marvel, long complicated story short, Marvel decided to not continue the show and began work on "Ultimate Spider-Man" Which is ironically, the worst show I've ever seen(But that's a whole other story).

Featured Comic: Scott Pilgrim


What is essentially a love story told over six volumes is also packed so full of music, video game and movie references(Hell the main characters name is a song reference) your head might explode during the reading.

The basic story is of Scott Pilgrim, a 23 year old slacker living in Toronto Canada, jobless, in a band and dating a 17 year old high school girl, Scott is that kind of guy everyone knows at least one of. Coasting through life waiting for something to happen but at the same content with the little rut they've dug themselves in. This is all thrown in the wind when he meets Ramona Flowers and instantly falls in love with her. He soon learns however that Ramona has a strange issue, if he wants to date her He'll have to defeat her Seven Evil Exes. A coalition of former relationships of Ramona who don't take kindly to Scott dating her, these encounters drive each of the 6 volumes forward and always fit in with the current issues surrounding Scott and Ramona's relationship.


The main cast illustrated here(Insert Joke)

This is of course just the basic outline of the story, throughout the six volumes characters grow(Scott especially, you won't be looking at him as a simple"23 year old slacker" by the end of the series), circumstances change and events transpire between Scott and Ramona that change the course of the story in interesting ways. You may have also heard of the Movie adaptation of this series and while it was great, it tried to jam pack the entire story into one movie, so it cuts out entire subplots, characters and essentially the entirety of the events of every book past Volume 3. Not a bad movie, but not the best adaptation.

Woah, that was long winded(I do so love my Spider-Man's) but anyway, feel free to use that nifty comment section to talk about whatever you want.(pertaining to animation/comics, manga or anime at least.) And next week we'll have a new round of recommendations for ya.