iOS Settings Concept, Icon Switches

I really like the new "Do Not Disturb" feature of iOS 6 but I think that it's a little confusing that you adjust its settings under the Notifications menu in Settings (see below).


While the do not disturb on/ off switch is in the main settings menu, the settings for the the function itself are on in the notifications menu, which is hardly intuitive.


I thought about this for a while and eventually concluded that as Apple's interface stands today, there is no way to have an quickly accessible on/ off switch along with the setting associated with that function all on one item bar. So I invented a new interface thingy!


I call it an Icon Switch. Interestingly, this same sort of problem exists for Wifi and Bluetooth, just the other way around; you can't quickly turn it off and on, but the settings are where the should be. So I fixed those too. Notice that when Bluetooth is turned off, its page doesn't exist. That's because there won't be any discoverable devices unless Bluetooth is turned on (it's all in the details!).


Admittedly, it looks a little rough, but I think that has as more do do with how quickly I photoshopped it. Ideally, they would look more like buttons than icons, but I'll save that perfectionism for another day.

What do you think?