Delusional: Conspiracy theories about Microsoft fans

English is not my first language - please excuse the inevitable mistakes.

I just can't stand the, as it seems, accepted theory that some of the commenters/ fans of Microsoft are paid astroturfers.

Accusiation 1: Microsoft did it before

The only thing that is true about this (otherwise please provide sources) is that people working for Microsoft made flamentory comments in tech-blogs. Lets think this through please: Who are the people working at a company X. Most likely people who like the company X. Maybe some of them even are really fans of X and would like to express so in blog comments. The fact that a person working at Microsoft praising Microsoft isn't astroturfing AT ALL! Its just like Googlers praising Google+, or Apple guys defending the new Maps. And why shouldn't they?? They may have even worked on it directly and probably like it even more because of this.

Accusation 2: Microsoft had never fans before - where are they coming from

This is also not true. I previously had a HTC Diamond with Windows Mobile 6 and loved it (for a while anyway). There were many blogs dedicated to Windows Mobile and there are still many blogs dedicated to Windows Phone now. Furhtermore there are countless other "fan" blogs with a focus on Microsoft in general. There were alyways Microsoft sympathizers and there are now plenty in the world.

Further Counter-Argument 1: The facebook survey

Have you seen the facebook survey done by the verge on its facebook page in which they ask which phone people will buy next. The result is this:

Over 4400 people voted for the Lumia! All with their names and facebook profiles just one click away! Do you think those people are astroturfers?


Further Counter-Argument 2: Lumia is just a good phone- deal with it (imagine paul-gif)

Have you seen the engadget photo comparisons between iPhone, Andoid flagships and the L920? Does the new iPhone have NFC or does anyone have wireless charging? Can you use gloved fingers on the other phones? Etc etc. Please no debate whether this stuff is actually needed or not - some people like it - you cannot deny that. Furthermore WP 8 may seem to some as the refreshing alternative.

Further Counter-Argument 3: Microsoft is the most interesting company right now... a lot of peoples opinion. W8, WP8, XBox integration, Metrofication in general. Is it so hard to believe that many people like what Microsoft is doing? Apple became boring and Android doing nothing unexpected either.

Wrap Up:

I could go on here. I could say that Microsoft is in some areas the underdog now and people like to root for them. I could say that Tom Warren brought a lot of fans over from his previous Microsoft centric blog. The point is: there are a lot of Microsoft sympathizers out there (I'm one). It's not surprising (still stupid though) that some are just making dumb comments on every article how good the Lumia is or how bad the reporters are when the reporter criticizes Microsoft. Despite the fact that no one likes this phenomenon, those are (with almost 100% certainty) NOT paid astroturfers.