Windows Phone Notification Concept

Windows phone's notification System has always been a thorny issue. Some are of the

view that the Live tiles system are enough to cater for the lack of centralized notifcation system as found in iOS and android; others disagree.

Whiles i think live tiles are good for notification(when they work) its still lacking in a few ways so I came upwith my own idea of a notification System.



Notification Tile will act as a notification center where all your notifications will be pulled in.

Just like a normal tile it will rotate to how more notifications (as shown in the above gif); when double tapped as it is when launching an app , it expands showing more a more detailed notification center as shown below.


What do you think ?


As I expected a few people are asking why I didn't o with the swipe to left , well I swipe to left notification has already been done in Meego and I want to introduce something new