The Apple Effect - Rally The Army

iPhone - The Closed Circuit

Let's face it, one way or another the iPhone has boiled down to hype alone. No longer are they light years ahead in the mobile space, but more like an elder trying to keep up with the pack. While Apple has stifled in innovation, Android has plowed ahead in terms of features and really is raising the bar. Don't get me wrong... Apple products are extremely refined, well performing devices, having been a previous iPhone user myself at one point. One year refreshes just aren't going to cut it pretty soon. With Windows Phone on the rise with Android at the helm their phones just won't be able to stand apart at the top any longer. Devices with better cameras, processors, GPUs, and screens will come in waves and completely drown out the iPhone as we know it. The only thing keeping it afloat will be the brand. Walk in to any modern day school and you'll notice at least 5 iPhones in every class room. Approach one of these owners with a question like "Why did you buy an iPhone?" and your reply will likely be along the lines of "Everyone has one and it's cool." Blinded we have become by the apple effect, one bite and you're hooked in. Sure, back in 2007 when Android was a laggy mess things were justified yet not so much now. Apple fan-boys will consistently throw anything at you to justify that their phone is better even if it's an iPhone 4 vs a One X. For example, I installed the glasklart icon pack, and an iPhone user proceeded to tell me that he never has to do that because iOS is so beautiful he never has to change anything. If that's the case he might as well keep the same shirt on every day since that's beautiful too. Gone are the days of Steve Jobs, and fading is the sense that Apple products are a no brainer.



Android - The Open Source King

Android has been a long time coming. It started hammering in the nail long ago, hitting in all the right places, but fragmentation and lag have prevented it from making the uproar that Apple has. Recently though, with the release of 4.0 ICS and 4.1 JB, Android has finally hit puberty and became faster, more fluid, and more feature packed. The open source nature has allowed users to do virtually anything to their device; an area Apple has sorely lacked in. Even the 3rd party skins (as bad as they can look) have done Android some justice and even added missing features before Google itself has. Don't like an icon? Change it. Don't like the skin? Get a launcher. Etc, etc. The point is that all this can be done without any advanced work to the device. That's what "just works". From Froyo to now, Google just keeps innovating and refining while Apple stalls. With the acquisition of Motorola Mobility I believe they definitely have what it takes to take the market by storm. Coupled with Android 5.0, the next Nexus iteration should without a doubt be the next must have phone, making the iPhone 5 look like child's play. If it's a war they want, it's a war they'll get. This isn't over until we bake our Key Lime Pie.