Andriod for a potential Symbian convert

Hey guys, long time satisfied Symbian user here.
I like Windows Phone, but there are a few Symbian features that will probably never make it into Windows Phone. So I'm maybe looking into getting an Android too.
So can anyone recommend a device with the following features? thanks
1. Xenon Flash
Not really a Symbian thing, but I love this on my n8. My first requirement for a phone is good camera with Xenon Flash, its just SO much better than LED flash.
2. FM transmitter.
Sure Bluetooth is all the rage, but many devices (mainly cars) don't have Bluetooth but does have FM, so I would really like an FM transmitter on any future phone.
3. USB on the go.
This is an amazing feature. Accessing files on a USB stick is a great killer feature that I love.
I like Windows Phone, but there is no way in hell that future Windows Phone devices will get these features. Can you guys recommend a good Android with these features? thanks