Settings is Terrible

Here's a list of problems with settings in iOS 6. Many of these existed before, but since they haven't been fixed I thought I would list them out now.

  1. It's called Settings when it should be called System (or something). There are many items in the Settings app that have nothing to do with settings. Such as updating iOS, syncing with iTunes over WiFi, looking at usage data, and other information about the device.
  2. In the Cellular page, under General, there are three services and you can choose whether you want them to use cellular data or not. This seems pretty random because there are quite a few apps that have this same toggle in their own settings page. It seems a little arbitrary to put these toggles here. The iTunes toggle exists on the iTunes & App Stores page. Also what does iTunes mean exactly? iBooks? Movies?
  3. The automatic downloads for iBooks on/ off toggle is in the iTunes & Apps Stores page rather than the iBooks page. The iTunes & Apps Stores page should just be called Stores.
  4. The iTunes Match on/ off toggle is in the iTunes & App Stores page as well as the Music page. Redundant.
  5. The Cellular Usage information isn't useful because it isn't based on the time that your data amount for the month refreshed. Just the last time that you reset the information on the page to zero.
  6. Cellular Usage has a sub page under the Usage page, when it should just be on main Usage page along with Storage, iCloud, and Battery Usage.
  7. Mail, contacts and calendar are all on the same page, when they should instead have separate pages. I say this because they each have a lot of settings in their own right. Reminders has it's own page, but has half the settings of Mail on it's own.
  8. There should be an Accounts page that would manage all of the accounts that are logged on the device. This would include iCloud, Facebook, and Twitter. The settings for the Twitter and Facebook apps are something different, and as such they should have their own apps pages with other third-party apps.
  9. The the iCloud settings page is repeated. It's on the main settings page, as well as the Accounts section of the Mail, Contacts, Calendar page. Get rid of it on the main page and put it in the Accounts page, and call it Apple. Make iCloud a sub section of the Apple account page.
  10. The storage and backup section of iCloud exists in the usage section of general page as well at the under iCloud on the main page as well as the iCloud account under Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  11. The Privacy page is redundant with other sections of the settings app. The Twitter and Facebook pages both give the same information.
  12. Notifications settings are everywhere. Many apps have notifications settings in both their app as well as the Notifications page. The Phone app's ringtone is changeable in both the Sounds page and the Notifications page. Sound settings that have to do with alerts should be in the Notifications page.
  13. The Do Not Disturb on/ off switch is on the main page but the settings for it are in the Notifications page. The switch should be taken off of the main page and instead put at the top of the Notification Center, but only visible if you scroll down a second time (after you've pulled down the Notification Center to begin with) (so it's hidden at the top). Just like on the Mac.
  14. Widgets should have their own page, as the Share Widget doesn't have anything to do with notifications.
  15. The app sub pages within the Notifications page have an on/ off switch for visibility in the Notification Center, even though the same thing can be done by dragging the app into the In Notification Center section or the Not In Notification Center section.

Glad to get all of that off my chest. A lot of it is just unnecessary redundancies that make the settings app much more confusing that it needs to be. I would be really glad to see a quick update to iOS 6 that cleans all of this up.