Lumia 920/820 and Aussie Carriers announced!

Finally! We get to know which, exactly, carriers will be selling the 920/820.

Unfortunately the 920 will only be on Telstra's network. At least in the short term. (Though I'm not really bothered as I'm already one of their customers)

Here are some extracts:

From Nokia Australia's Facebook account:

"Our flagship Nokia Lumia 920 will be coming to Australia on Telstra's ultra-fast 4G network! The affordable Nokia Lumia 820 will also be available to Vodafone Australia and Optus Business customers, with both sold through leading retailers. We’ll be confirming more info on pricing & availability at the end of next month, but in the meantime check this out:"

From Telstra's Facebook account:

"Awesome 4G first birthday news - the awesome Nokia Lumia 920 powered by Windows 8 will be coming soon to Telstra 4G!

With exciting new features like Nokia PureView and wireless charging we’re really excited about this new smartphone.

Pricing, availability and colour range will be announced at the end of October. Be the first to know more:"

Hardly surprising that they'll be announcing things later next month, but this at least confirms it.