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1: Press Reset: Episode 5 - "#firstworldproblems" by Polygon Staff

"You don’t know why she keeps coming to your desk to have you ogle her Hunky Firemen with Adorable Cats calendar. You don’t even know why they make the thing. She flips it to October, eager to show off the HSD with the DSH (hot, studly dish with the domestic short hair). You tense, preparing whatever gland that secretes your ability to feign interest for the challenge of its life."


2: "'Torchlight 2' review: following the light" by Chris Plante

"The world is addictively clickable; the weapons are sinfully empowering; and the user-interface is deceptively playful, disguising chores like inventory management as pet ownership. Torchlight 2 isn’t an homage, and it’s not quite a clone. Developer Runic has created an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink sequel akin to a Hollywood blockbuster. It refines its inspirations.

It just doesn't do much else."


3: "Report: Nexon and NCsoft making moves to acquire Valve" by Michael McWhertor

"Two Korean game publishers, Nexon and NCsoft, are reportedly interested in buying Valve, raising cash through stock sales and real estate deals to acquire the maker of Portal, Counter-Strike, and Team Fortress 2. According to a report on Korea's JoongAng Ilbo, CEOs from both companies recently met to discuss acquisition plans."


4: "'Super Lemonade Factory' releases level pack update, goes free this weekend" by Tracey Lien

"Super Lemonade Factory is an iOS game that sees the player take on the role of Andre, the heir to a lemonade factory during the politically tumultuous period after World War 2. To inherit the factory, Andre and his plum-haired wife, Liselot, must journey through the lemonade factory, using their unique abilities to navigate the spaces and interact with others, like the foreman, the chef, a food inspector, and a general who wants the factory to supply drinks to the military, who is now engaged in a new war."


5: "'Phantasy Star Online 2' for PS Vita is free-to-play, cross-platform with PC version" by Michael McWhertor

"According to details from a Tokyo Game Show presentation translated by the Phantasy Star Fan Blog, the creators of PSO2 say the Vita version will be a free download from the PlayStation Store. The game will limit PlayStation Vita players to one account per memory card, but players can purchase additional character slots for their account."


6: "'Banjo-Tooie' devs want to make a spiritual successor" by Dave Tach

"The @MingyJongo Twitter account reveals that ex-Rare developers Grant Kirkhope and Stephen Hurst are on board to make "a game that shares that same kind of humour, silly characters, fun game play, great tunes and all that stuff that we enjoy making," according a tweet posted earlier today."


1: "A new challenger appears" by Cornish Forrestfield

"And as I wait for my re-spawn, I ponder: "Should I perhaps deal once and for all with this beast?". Perhaps I should, I'm not certain, but that I will attempt to deal with it is certain and here is how I plan to do it: stop purchasing games for a full year. (Starting on the 01/01/2013)"

2: "My Valve hardware dream... LAN "OnLive" like capability" by mr sack

"If Valve does indeed want to create hardware, I would love to see a <$100 Roku sized box for LAN "OnLive" like capability where my stationary gaming PC acts as the server. This would allow me to keep my gaming PC in my office but give me Steam Big Picture access to any TV in my house."


I see you have dialed *83743; Adi Robertson brings you the latest '90 Seconds on The Verge'.

  • Barnes & Noble fires back at Amazon with new Nook HD and HD+ tablets, starting at $199
  • Google Play celebrates 25 billion downloads with 25 cent apps, discounted books, music, and movies
  • 'Bad Piggies' (Mobile) review - Grand theft piglet


    I’m kinda indifferent to the Polygon launch now. I was looking forward to it, somewhere to get a solid flow of quality content. I still believe this will be the case, but I have now gotten use to getting news from plenty of other places.

    After Kotaku kinda shot itself in the foot, I was wondering where I’d go for reading good stuff. But I realised that a lot of the content over the past year or so was nothing too special (not bad mind, some stuff was good). I also found myself in that decline, reading IGN a little, 1UP, GameSpot more that I had before, and I found that my interest in reading Edge had renewed.

    Recently, I still read Edge, and I keep an eye on Twitter for the news. And I realise that I was never really concerned with the content that Kotaku had, because content was there if I looked. It was all about talking games with the guys who were there. This is something that has been said many times by others too, but I think that my lack of interest in the launch of Polygon has just reinforced the fact that the community discussion is always going to be the most important part of a game site.

    It might not be what the writers want to hear, but for me, it’s what matters. If a review sucks, the news is dull, or the opinion uninformed, I know there are going to be guys in the comments bringing up valid points and discussing things a little deeper.

    Polygon should be cool, but the thing that will make it worth while is if the community there is as great as it is here. Because the fact is, is that I can get the news anywhere easily, but discussing that news with people I respect is something that is hard to find.

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