Earlier this summer, we heard rumors that Dish was planning to launch a satellite-based broadband service aimed at rural areas, and now the company has officially announced its new internet offering. DishNet will be available nationwide as of October 1st, and will offer two main packages: the $39.99 / month package (plus equipment fees) will offer users 5 Mbps down and 1Mbps up, with a 10GB data cap. Stepping up to the $49.99 plan increases the download speeds to 10 Mbps and bumps the data cap to 20GB. However, to get these prices, you'll need to sign a two-year contract and bundle your internet with Dish's "America's top 120" TV programming package (or any other, more expensive TV plan). Installation will be free for both new and existing customer who bundle DishNet with a TV package; otherwise, it'll cost $99.

The new DishNet network will be available nationwide, and is particularly focused on rural areas that don't have access to the speedier cable- or fiber-based internet connections. While those data caps are certainly a downside for those of us used to having hundreds of gigabytes per month at our disposal, it's a common practice for such satellite providers — and for those otherwise lacking access to broadband, it's likely that a service like DishNet represents a major upgrade.