The Problem With STOCK Android - Finally someone who understands

WOW- This piece happens to be the best work I've read and laughed at. I'm sitting here at work in my office (Bored to death, on a slow day) and I was reading "Stock Android isn't perfect" from Android Police. I have actually given up a bit on Stock Android- well the Nexus line when it comes to carriers. Anyways, there are a few major points, that the OP pointed out. Here are my top fav;

Unmanageable Cloud Storage Pictures In The Gallery


"Google+ Instant Upload, if you don't know, automatically uploads every picture you take to a private Google+ folder. If you use Google+, it makes sharing super easy, and if you don't, it's a free, automatic, unlimited picture backup that you should really take advantage of. When they launched this feature, they decided to sort-of integrate it with the Gallery.

The Gallery displays your instant upload pictures, and that's it. You can't delete them, you can't move them around, you can't edit them or do anything you can with a normal picture. There is only a teeny, tiny Picasa icon denoting this, and I bet no one understands that.

Automatically uploading every picture obviously makes this folder pretty spammy, and just about everyone with an Android phone has asked me "How do I delete pictures from this folder?" The sad answer is "Go find a desktop computer and log into this website," which makes absolutely no sense.

This has the bonus effect of storing picture in two places on your phone, the camera folder and the Instant Upload folder. So for most people, pictures that they think have been deleted aren't deleted. I can just imagine all the panicked, late-night Googling from sexters that suddenly discover their thought-to-be-deleted dirty pictures are permanently stuck on their phone. If you're going to integrate something, Google, go all the way. Don't show people pictures they can't delete.

Instant upload is the most obvious example of this, but it happens to a million other Google services too. Have a Blogger blog? You'll have an untouchable album in the Galley. You also have untouchable albums for G+ Posts, Google Maps Picture uploads, G+ Albums, and Instant upload will spawn a new album every 500 pictures. All in all, I have 15 albums in my Gallery, 3 are from the phone that I can touch, 12 are untouchable, pointless crap."

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Here are a few others;

Horizontal Support Sucks

Contact Pictures STILL Look Like Ass

There Is No Way, Anywhere, To See Your Purchased Apps

Google Makes A Million Texting Apps

Exactly, why not try to intergrate them all into one. Even BB10 and iOS are starting to do this. Nexusae0_2012-09-15-15

The Play Store Doesn't Remember Your Scroll Location


With that said, as well as Stock Jelly Bean has been put together there are still so many small things they need to do to make it delightful. Lastly, iOS and WP7 are in the same boat. These OS have some major useablity issues, they need to stop with the spec pissing and work on the dog shit they have released to us.

Head to the source link to read the full story. IT'S EPIC!