NSFW anti-Google, anti-Illuminati rant

Worldwide revolution has started THE ILLIMINARTI ,GOOGLE MICROSOFT DONT WANT YOU TO HAVE FREEDOM (via bluebeard2011)

i went to watch men in black the other day and this screen come up saying unsafe website the only thing about it is there are free movies there just the links so you can watch movies so they say its unsafe also some ufo site were i do research have had this come up and i went to watch a movie today and even though i said its safe i have never had one ounce of problem from using it keeps stopping me I'm sick and tired of them telling me what i can and can't watch i live in a free land and have been involved with the net since the beginning but this is just the start trust me this is the illuminati starting their takeover wake up you steeple lest you wake in a cattle truck heading for a gas chamber they have removed about three minutes of this video at the end why because im telling you who to fight and its your own goverments as they dont rule the illuminarti do ban secrect socities