How Do You SAY NO to People? | Culture

It may seem like a simple question but for people like me, and maybe you, Saying NO can be a literal chore. Honestly for me it can be true source stress and frustration. I was musing this out loud the other day while working on a different video for my vlogs and decided to make something a little more interactive. You see when I'm on the internet or behind the camera I have absolutely no problem with telling people no.

Things like "KillaCam87 has added you on Xbox Live" are easy to reject but when it's something like, "Do you want to unfairly split this meal?"... even though the person asking ordered more expensive food than you is really hard for me to defend against and I've never been sure why. It may have come from my parents or my years or low self esteem where being overly nice was my compensation tool to make up for my face.

No matter where it came from, it's become something of a personality trait, and not one I'm super proud of. When you never say no, sure people like you but more often than not, they don't respect you.

I welcome any tips, stories or advice from the Verge community on this problem faced by many in this modern world. -Chris