Resident Evil Should be Scary....Right?

I finally got around to playing the Demo and while it was an enjoyable felt like our complaints of the franchise losing it's way are falling on def ears. Capcom seems intent on making this game anything BUT scary.

It feels like I'm more likely to come across a wild Pikachu than I am something that truly gives me a thrill. The fact that I can say that and not feel like I'm trolling says a lot about the direction the franchise is headed based on the content in the demo. In the video above I am reminiscent about scarier times and discuss what needs to be done before the series becomes even more of a shell of it's former self and ultimately turns into Gears of War "now with more real time events".

This is a call to take the series back to it's ROOTS. Are you with me? Or is this action packed joy ride, with 3 slightly different routes the best way to take a game that once had us afraid to turn off the lights?