Latest Vergecast - Lumia hate

I must say I was really disappointed in the crew after listening to the latest Vergecast. To diminish the excitement for the Lumia 920 as something that's made up by a bunch of fanboys is just wrong. Just look at the amount of recommendations the the Lumia comments has gotten and you'll realize there's real excitement about this product. And unlike what they said in the podcast I don't think that it's been off-topic. All comments I've seen about the Lumia has been in news related to smartphones.

I'm really sick of the negative attitude towards Microsoft from the people on this site. They keep saying things like "oh we hate Microsoft" or "Windows is like poison"(in a sarcastic way, of course) but then they actually do things like this which actually proves they have something against the company, but they still keep pretending they don't. I'm not surprised that people think the site is biased when they constantly say things like "I avoid Microsoft products if I can" (Paul Miller). That's not very professional thing to say if you're a tech journalist.

And to not acknowledge that the Lumia 920 will probably have the best camera of any phone out there but instead just dismiss it and say that it isn't as good as a point and shoot, is just stupid. Why would you suddenly compare cellphone cameras to real cameras. You compare cellphones to cellphones. Of course it would be great if the Lumia had a point-and-shoot quality camera but that's not the point, it still takes better pictures and video than any other cellphone, and that can only be a good thing, so stop making everything related to MS/WP8/Nokia sound so negative all the time.