Beautiful, simple apps, with beautiful, simple icons... for iOS

One of the reasons I love iOS is the app ecosystem, and in particular, I'm always on the hunt for beautiful, simple apps, that do one job nicely, with great UI design. But I can't stand having a great app with an ugly ass or overly busy icon - simplicity there is needed too. So, I'd like to submit for review my top three apps, currently, for design and simplicity.

1. The Transit App: If you're in one of the cities it covers, there's no need to cry about Apple's Maps. Simply, beautiful integration of real time transit information and directions in one, simply gorgeous package. Great, really functional UI once you've learned it. And a simple icon.

2. Partly Cloudy: Never look at weather the same way again. A whole new paradigm for viewing the weather forecast, and again, another beautiful icon. I can't get Dark Sky in Canada, so this is where it's at for the moment in weather.

3. Reeder: An oldie, but a goodie. Simple icon, the best RSS reader on iOS, in my opinion. Mr. Reader gives it a run for its money, but damn that icon is ugly.

I'd put Tweetbot up there, but its UI is not really simple or beautiful; its icon is a travesty. There are lots more, I'm sure, and I'd love to have my attention to drawn to some of them in this thread. Thanks/