PolyVerge Connect: Share Your Gaming ID's Here

Black Knight Rebel provided this header - thanks!

Okay folks, in this thread you're encouraged to share your information regarding Steam, PSN, Xbox LIVE, Nintendo Network and so on. The information then appears on the PolyVerge Connect area and comments will be curated below to keep it somewhat clean tidy and so on.

Information can currently be added and updated only by myself and any of the moderators here on The Verge, and on Polygon. The reason it's not open for all to edit is to prevent tinkering, and basically trolling of any available information.

Games that are listed on the document are done so on a large scale basis, with those that have dwindling interest/numbers depreciated as time goes by. For example Halogon is an ongoing community initiative by Mintycrys and there's a large group of folks who play those events, whereas a game like BF4 might have a limited active lifespan in the grand scheme of things and thus may not have the same active community in two to three months.

If you're looking to communicate with each other then you'll hopefully find this database of online identities a handy tool; if you have any suggestions on how to improve it - email me at polynauts(at)gmail.com as this will help us keep the information below easy to catalog.

So, remember to click through to the database here, and see which information you want to divulge willingly.

Thanks guys and gals, now go play some games together!

* Note * Thanks to Black Knight Rebel for the much improved header!