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It's Friday, September 28th and I'm glad to see you all once again here at Polygon on The Verge.

Today I've got a three hour lecture on 'Games Research' that runs from 9am - 12pm with Dr. Dan Pinchbeck of Dear Esther fame. I'm not sure what to expect but it's going to take "hard work, guts, and determination" to succeed. Wish me luck, and I'll wish you a 'Happy Friday'. Be sure to check out '90 Seconds on The Verge' for some Gangnam Style reporting from Nilay Patel, of The Verge.

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    1: Hear the sounds, play the games: Meet five games based on songs by Tracey Lien

    A purple beetle walks along a path strewn with collectible white dots and big, squishy bubbles. When left alone, its tiny beetle feet carry its body to the beat of Passion Pit's Take a Walk.

    With player intervention, the beetle soars into the air, wings frantically flapping, before landing on the ground. It jumps on the beat, it lands on the beat, it walks to the beat. Music is the reason the beetle moves.


    2: 'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' multiplayer: but wait, there's more by Michael McWhertor

    But the Santa Monica-based developer, once widely regarded as the back-up Call of Duty team, is doing more with multiplayer in Black Ops 2 than anyone else. It's doing it more thoughtfully, making online multiplayer more approachable, more customizable than ever.


    3: 'The Lord of the Rings Online' developer explains the horsepower behind mounted combat by Dave Tach

    Mounted combat is galloping to The Lord of the Rings Online MMO in an expansion named after the famed Riders of Rohan, according to a blog post from Elliot Gilman, staff systems designer at developer Turbine.

    Though horses have always been part of the free-to-play MMO, their addition came late in development, and the team has been refining the beasts' behavior since 2008. After developing systems of its own, studying mounted combat in other games, and listening to player feedback on forums, Turbine is set to unveil horse-assisted battles in the upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion.


    4: Konami wants Hideo Kojima to make a Silent Hill game by Michael McWhertor

    Kojima has boasted that Kojima Productions' Fox Engine is suited for more than just stealth action games and could be used for a future Silent Hill title. "In the past I've mentioned Silent Hill in interviews, and as a result of that the president of Konami rung me up and said he'd like me to make the next Silent Hill," Kojima said at the Eurogamer Expo, according to a recap from Eurogamer.


    5: 'Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord' from TaleWorlds to be released 'in the coming months' by Michael McWhertor.

    Turkish game studio TaleWorlds Entertainment made Mount & Blade 2 official today, releasing a teaser trailer for the action-role-playing strategy game that it says will be released "in the coming months."

    Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord promises to take players on "a journey into a fiction world of up-close and personal medieval combat." TaleWorlds says the sequel to 2010 PC game Mount & Blade: Warband — which has seen a handful of expansions and add-ons — will be "bigger, bloodier, and more intense than ever before." Mount & Blade 2 is said to include "exciting and highly requested new features."


    1: Three Ways the PS4 May Win Next Gen and Three Ways it May Fail by RealmRPGer

    The next round of console wars is just around the corner. Who will win this time? Will we see a dramatic reversal of fortunes? With the Wii’s surprise success, it seems that everybody is thinking hard about what to do for the next generation, and anything could happen.

    2: Notch refuses to support Windows 8 by Fefe


    Incoming drama.


    Nilay Patel and the 'Verge Ganganam Appreciation Society' bring you the most recent '90 Seconds on The Verge'.



    — Nick Denton

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