The Verge's tone towards Apple has changed dramatically over the past month... Why?

So with today's entire editorial story on Apple Maps Security fail, I have to bring into question The Verge's ton towards Apple over the past month, and its dramatic shift. Topolsky's and Nilay's tweets have become increasingly negative towards the company as a whole, border lining sarcastic to the point beyond neutral journalism.

Now let me be clear, I respect them enormously for what they have built, their tech and legal knowledge, and business sense in running such a massive site. I have followed them since Engadget and honestly are loyal to them as I have quit reading Engadget almost all together now.

But in the post iPhone event, the two subsequent podcasts as well as the Vergecast, there seems to be some type of bitterness towards Apple. I very very much get a sense that Josh's iPhone 5 review was debated before posting on how to approach the review in general. I feel as if Josh was very disappointed, almost disgusted by it, and struggled on whether to review it from the average consumer's point of view, or a major geeky/tech enthusiasts point of view. In the end, I believe he went with the mass market approach, and seemed like his arm was twisted to do so. I'm obviously not certain there was any internal debate, but he seems very apathetic towards it to have given the highest review of any phone on the site.

There have been no less than 10 "editorial" pieces putting Apple in a very negative light over the past month, and 3/4's of them seem to not be reporting on a particular story or news, but what the staff "feel" like or creating some type of sensationalism over something that isn't news worthy. (73 degrees and sunny, or today, the maps app doesn't blur out airbases).

Now granted, I'm in for response to this post like, "Well, who says they can't post whatever the f&$% they want?! You can start your own site and write whatever you want! GTFO! You want some some kleenex? Cool Story Bro" etc. But as probably the number one tech blog in the world, I feel like something happened, a rift either internally or with Apple (maybe the review phone was true? Or when Schiller blew off Josh after the event?).

Anyways, it's rainy here and I'm just rambling...