My iPhone 4: A Love Story

In the Spring of 2011, my BlackBerry Tour had finally given up the ghost. I have been an avid fan of Apple's design ever since a PowerMac G4 with mirrored drives first caught my eye and I was a MacBook Pro user at the time (may it rest in peace) but for whatever reason, Apple's polished but restrictive "walled garden" ecosystem never really appealed to me. Sadly, it was an awkward time for Android and the best phone offered by Verizon at the time was the HTC Incredible (about a month or two before it was retired) while consumers waited with bated breath for the release of the HTC Thunderbolt and Motorola Bionic. I was not waiting.

Somewhat reluctantly, I purchased a CDMA iPhone 4 with the full intention of selling it when something better came along. Then the Thunderbolt was released and received thoroughly mediocre reviews. And then the Bionic was pushed back several more months. Since the iPhone was giving me great battery life and serving me well, it started to grow on me. A year and a half later, my trusty iPhone has yet to be sold. It has flown around the world with me. It took a vacation in Paris and helped me to conduct research in Berlin (all the while searching for wi-fi signals due to the lack of a GSM radio).

My iPhone 4 is no longer my daily driver as I recently stumbled upon a fantastic deal for a Galaxy Nexus and the call to ICS was strong, but I may switch back for a while for old time's sake and to get a feel for iOS 6. The camera is certainly better than that of the GNex and although there is no 4G radio, the signal strength is considerably more consistent. The phone has held up remarkably well in the time that I've owned it, and I think it is fair to say that despite my best efforts to dislike it, my old iPhone has earned a soft spot in my heart.

Is there anyone else out there with a similar story? All of the hype around the new iPhone has forced me to reflect on my phone purchases over the years. Although I am loving Android (now on JB), I am finding myself easily distracted with tweaking and tinkering. The Dropbox integration is exceptional and sharing is incredibly easy. While I still contend that the best phone that I have owned/will ever own was my LG VX8300, I now realize that my iPhone 4 comes in at a close second place. My contract is not up until March but then again if I buy a new iPhone 5 off contract I could possibly manage to keep my highly coveted Verizon unlimited data plan...