Will Nokia Lumia 920 sell well ? I hope it does.

We can't deny the fact that Nokia has tremendous potential. They are the ones who started it all. What happened ?
I mean, all this innovation is going down the drain. It hurts to see hard-work not being paid off. Lumias are pretty decent devices. 800/900 were decent but not on par with iPhone 4/4S or Galaxy S2. But L920 seems to be a monster of a phone. I said "seems to be" because often phones look good on spec sheets but fail in real life performance. But I do think Nokia has nailed it this time. Style, innovation, features, it has it all. This being said, I don't know how well this all translate into sales. Apple and Samsung kind of have this firm grip the market that doesn't seem to loosen up in near future. Both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are great devices, L920 too seems to be a freak too, but I am not sure it'll sell like its two other competitors. What is Nokia/Micrsoft doing wrong here ? Marketing ? Availability ? what ? I don't know what but something for sure is wrong. Whatever it is, I hope Nokia/Microsoft figure it out soon and rectify it .