Am I the only one who feels Apple is subject to criticism for hypocrisy?

"At Apple, we value originality and innovation and pour our lives into making the best products on earth" - Tim Cook, statement made after Samsung trial.

Tim cook made a statement about Apple' originality and innovative culture following their victory against Samsung in court. I was a little bit upset by this, as their are quite a few examples of them also finding inspiration from competitors, even outright copying them.

The first example that came to mind was the notifcation center that was introduced with iOS5. It's extremely close to what Android has had for years, especially considering what iOS's notification system was before iOS5.

But then, I read about Apple using the Swiss Clock design in the iPad iOS6 application. Comparing the two, they are almost identical.

Am I wrong for recognizing these two examples as being hypocritical? How come there isn't more discussion regarding either of these examples, and other ones that could be mentioned? Has Apple influenced a cultural invulnerability to the average consumer for them to successfully operate using double standards?