Goodbye Nokia, you were the best

I love the Lumia 920. I think its the best phone that will come out this year. Wireless charging, amazing screen, innovative camera, it has it all. But I cant help but think that it wont sell well. The prices seem to be a little high which wouldnt be a problem but HTC decided to steal their mojo and undercut every other phone on the market. HTC also has Microsofts blessing.

I love the apps Nokia ships with its phones and has from in house. But Nokia needs to sell alot of phones to reach profitability and I think the prices are to high for the mass market. I just cant help but feel that HTC is able to deliver such low prices because Microsoft is subsudizing them.

I dont know maybe they will sell like Hotcakes but I just dont see it. From what Ive seen from other Windows Phone sites alot of people feel the prices are to high. Even though it has 32 gig and is less than the 16gig Iphone. Or less than when the GS3 hit.

I hope I'm wrong but if Nokia doesnt hit it with these phones I dont see a turn around. The best I see is Microsoft buying them out and continueing to make phones. Maybe that was Microsofts plan all along. Create a great phone for HTC, run Nokia out of bussiness and then buy them.