The closes WebOS experience you can have on Android today - No Root Required

I was kind of depressed seeing that fail of a port on that poor Galaxy Nexus. It's bad enough it's using aged hardware and they had the nerve to put it through that misery . . .

Anyways, it got me thinking. What's the closes WebOS experience that we could have on our Android Devices today? Better yet, for those of us who rather not Root, what's the closes experience we could have Root Free. - So I did some searching through forums, some Googleing, and a little looking around on Google Play, which landed me at a dead end every time I even put the word "Web OS" into the search bar. (I did this via laptop).

Here are a few things I picked up;

Wave Launcher

WebOS Go Launcher

....................And that was it. Really? I thought there would have been more support. Has anyone seen any other mimics or WebOS type functions in the play store?

PS: If you don't want to use Go Launcher you can still install the theme and use the icons with another launcher.