The 'Killer' missing Start Screen element.

I was just sitting here, looking at my Start Screen and wondering how Microsoft could have improved upon it. After a thinking, but not really coming to a solution, I decided to continue my tackle on learning JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3. While doing so I decided to open up IE10 and Bing for a tutorial, However; I paused to take a look at todays Bing homepage animated image.

Then it hit me, why can't we have an animated background in the Start Screen, it would be an obvious influence from Android but a necessary one. Just seeing a new Bing background every day sounds very refreshing, I kind of wish the desktop app would do animated background as well. Animated tiles on top of an animated background may sound a little cluttered, but options never hurt.

Now I'm nothing special when it comes to Photoshop, so if anyone out there could slap together a render of what this would look like, that would be awesome.