The First Grand Trial of Vergecraft Realms

Once upon a time in the land of Vergecraft Realms/Factions, two college roommates wanted to have some fun. Instead of taking the traditional route and going to find someone to kill, we wanted to see if someone was naïve enough to walk right into our own trap located in our base.

When he teleported to us expecting an enchanted diamond sword he was going to purchase for 3 diamonds (which is a crazy cheap price, I don't know how he didn't expect something when we agreed to that), we led him into a trap and dropped gravel on him. Naturally when we found out he was wearing a full set of diamond armor we were pretty happy because, not only did we succeed in killing someone, we actually got something cool from it. So he was obviously mad about the whole situation, but instead of realizing obvious trolls for obvious trolls, he came back for more. Not once, not twice, not even tree, four, or five times. He came back about a dozen times, in each situation bringing a full diamond set (and in one instance a stack of 40 diamonds- seriously who walks around with that much?).

So we killed him every time because when he requested to teleport to us, we were on our land (which as you know grants a damage reduction from enemies). Me and my friend were astonished to how many times he returned, each time with more diamond armor, weapons, etc. So finally he had the first idea that was actually not stupid. He made his /home next to our base and claimed a few chunks (at the time he had over 3 members, all of which he kicked except for 1). He would teleport to our base and try and do some damage, at one point he killed most of our cows, but we had a huge maze and there is no possible way anyone can kill every cow (which makes me think offering a prize to see if someone can do it would be funny to watch... anyway). So i decided to retaliate and take a boat to his little island home in the middle of nowhere and see if i could access his base. Luckily his base was at the corner of his last claimed chunk so i was able to get inside and claim the other half of his base that he hadn't claimed, because, who claims their whole base, right?

I think doing damage to his base finally got to him because he gathered an army of about, get ready, 3 people to try and kill me and my allies. I bet you can guess how that turned out for him. If you can use context clues then you already know that we killed him and his friends many times over, each time collecting more diamond gear/weapons. Finally after the war, or as i would call it, a beating, he decided that he would accept a "truce".

He started getting tired of not being able to do damage to anything, so I offered to give him a diamond set of armor in return for him un-claiming the land he had near my land. He wanted more and I did get quite a few from him over the past few days, so we came to the agreement of 12 diamonds, a full diamond set of armor, and a diamond axe and sword. I thought it was crazy but i just wanted to get him off my back. So i agreed. I gave him 6 diamonds and wanted him to unclaim his land before giving him the rest, in case he was trying to troll us back (but I don't think he actually even knows what a troll is). So he invited a mod (you) to overlook the situation. I didn't want to go though anything so i threw him the other diamonds and the rest of the things that were in the agreement. When he said he wouldn't unclaim the land yet I decided to forget it because it wasn't worth the hassle and asked for my armor set back. He actually gave me the whole diamond armor set back (again, why?). But then a moderator got involved so the immature kid would get what he wanted.

In conclusion, I did nothing wrong and he forgot the most important rule of video games. THEY'RE VIDEO GAMES.

Oh and the trial was a success in my favor, who woulda thought?

The End.

(No not the place in minecraft you crazy person).

P.S. This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated ~ Mitch Hedberg