My experience switching to Android

So after 3 iphones (3GS to 4S) I tried out the iPhone 5 in the store hoping it would blow me away enough to compensate for its tiny screen. No such luck its still just a CHILD SIZE phone so that day I went & bought a HTC One X lol

Having a 4.7" screen is a revelation, so much more screen real estate, this is what a smartphone SHOULD be like (much nicer screen than the SIII). ICS is just fantastic, Android has matured beautifully. I wouldnt say theres a lot more than I can actually do on Android than on iOS but it certainly feels more sophisticated, Apples blocks of icons is looking very stale & boring.

So thats the good stuff & I'm very happy switching however there are some issues that kept me from switching sooner & I still have reservations about:

1) It doesnt play Apple lossless files & I have a 20000 odd song music collection so Im back to carrying my ipod classic around

2) If youre expecting Apple or Nokia level hardware youre in for a rude awakening. The camera in particular is shit, inaccurate colors, noisey. Its maybe about the level of the iPhone 4 ie two generations behind Apple. Also the vibrate is too quiet, speaker is tinny etc & it certainty doesnt have 3 microphones like the iPhone 5...

3) Lastly a gripe with Android. With iOS6 you can deny any apps permission to access private contacts, location data etc & still use the app. With Android you cant & they routinely request such info even paid apps. If you say no youre not going to have many apps on your new phone its as simple as that. Now why the fuck does an app that Ive paid for like Angry Birds Space need to know where I am & who Im talking to? Assholes. Google wake the hell up & give users the freedom & choice that they deserve & can get on iOS!!