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Whoops. Once again, I stayed up too late last night talking to you wonderful people, so I'm cobbling together todays post at work. Luckily I'm on my own, or I would be in twouble. This is gonna be short and sweet, I'm PaddyStardust, get chatting!

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1: CCP to host first ever 'EVE Online' cash prize tournament by Megan Farokhmanesh

The tournament, which is expected to take place in November and December of this year, was created with the help of own3D.tv. It marks the first cash prize offer in an EVE Online tournament.


2: 'FIFA 13' review: loving imperfection by Samit Sarkar

FIFA 13 reminds me of why I love sports: At their best, they offer a terrific blend of intense competition and extraordinary athleticism, underpinned by the enthralling uncertainty of human imperfection. Simulation sports games struggle with accuracy because at heart, they're mathematically-driven systems that must replicate diverse, dynamic activities — activities that are compelling mainly because they're unpredictable.


3: The Besties Podcast xXx by Justin McElroy

Here's our State of the Union: We love video games. Much like Vin Diesel or (to a lesser extent) Ice Cube before us. Won't your join us for our 30th show-ebration? We certainly hope you will.


4: 'Third-party support for PlayStation Vita has been 'surprising and disappointing,' says Sony by Michael McWhertor

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida addressed the lack of third-party-published content on the struggling PlayStation Vita, telling Gamasutra in an interview that the company continues to lobby outside developers to create content for its young handheld.


5: 'Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube?' is done, Peter Molyneux ships it off to Apple by Alexa Rae Corriea

Peter Molyneux's gaming "experiment" Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube? is finished and on its way to Apple for certification on iPhones, the developer announced in a tweet today.


1: Dragon Punch! A Skyrim Lets Play Adventure! by PaddyStardust

After some forum talking, I decided to act on an idea we had, and punch anyone who says the word "dragon" in Skyrim. I'm going to try and pound through the main quest, semi regularly, punching all who speak the cursed word. Enjoy!

2: Polynauts Connect: The Great Gamertag Roundup by ShaunMcIlroy

Okay folks, in this thread you're encouraged to share your information regarding Steam, PSN, Xbox LIVE, Nintendo Network and so on. The information then appears on the Polynauts Connect area and comments will be curated below to keep it somewhat clean tidy and so on.

3: OUYA... like the controller? by JoeRemix

I love the whole concept of OUYA, but I personally think the controller is not really my cuppa tea. So I did this quick concept today. Most of the people I know would say the Xbox controller is the best controller out there. It's super comfortable in the hands of many. Something quite impressive since the original Xbox pad was so huge and controversial.


Today, Ellis Hamburger is hosting Fridays '90 Seconds on The Verge'.


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