Youtube seems to have a new layout intended to force you to view all activity taken by your subscriptions

I've been experiencing this for about a week, but as I search online, it looks like this is either a pilot or procedural rollout or simply nobody cares. The reason I care is that the "show uploads only" option no longer exists.

Here is what Youtube used to look like. You'll have to pardon the overlays, as I took this image from Youtube's help pages, which helpfully states I may press the "show uploads only" button should I desire it.

Here is what it looks like now. You'll note they removed the button I mentioned, and now recommendations and likes and comments are in what used to be a decent uploads feed. If anyone else is on this layout and knows what I'm talking about, feel free to correct me, because I just can't find that feature anywhere. This layout is in line with the Google+ redesigns we've been seeing lately, and I find it aesthetically pleasing, but I wish they didn't rip out this function. In the meantime, I have edited my bookmarks to point to