hey so Apple has 1 main issues coming out of iOS 6. (MAPS) but how many issues Google still has on Android?

I'm pretty sure a map App isn't the end of the world, I myself is using iOS 6 and no i have not had battery or WIFI issues, The only thing is maps but i used turn by turn and it worked awesome out in middle of no where KS. I guess people even Apple fan boy (verge) is bashing Apple, But really this is Google's fault not loaning the API's to Apple to have turn by turn on iOS 5 or before. So there is over 700,000 apps on app store odds are there is a good GPS and map app. So stop crying over one freaking app not the end of the world. And cant wait till oct 6th when i get my iPhone 5!

and Google has plenty of issues on Android also



Spyware, malware

Horrible update hand outs (over 70% of Android users are using 2.3 gingerbread) Only 5% is using Jelly Bean

Battery Life

List goes on.......