The 4" screen is uncomfortable

After 5 years of 3.5" screens, I now begin to realise that 3.5" is indeed a very good screen size for one-handed use. I have rather large hands (anecdotal comparisons with many friends), but I have found it taxing for my thumb to reach across the screen – a problem exacerbated by the fact that the Back button is mostly located in the far top-left corner of the interface.

To make pressing the top-left button (whilst the phone is in my right hand) more comfortable, I need to grip the phone higher. This results in typing being uncomfortable, so I end up having to shift my grip lower to type, and then the Back button is out of comfortable reach again.

At first I thought it was a matter of getting used to it, but after a week of usage and sore thumbs, I find this phone rather uncomfortable for one-handed use.

Gruber seems to have noted this problem:

Consider the windshield wipers on a car, and how, because they swing in a radial arc, they can’t reach the passenger-side top corner. Using the iPhone 5 is like that. There are two specific touch targets where this gives me trouble, both of which I invoke frequently. First, back buttons in the top left corner. I keep mis-tapping underneath them with my fully-outstretched thumb and then need to subtly re-grip the phone so that my thumb can reach. Second, tapping the status bar to scroll to the top of the current view. The top-left back-button issue is only a problem when holding the iPhone 5 one-handed in my right hand, but, I’m right-handed and so that’s the hand I tend to use it with.

I'm surprised I can't really seem to find others with the same problem though, outside one friend who agreed with me.

Anyone having the same issues, and have found a comfortable way of holding the phone (am I holding it wrong)?