PC Gaming of the Recent Past

Having grown up playing awesome games like Warcraft 3, Halo for PC, Need for Speed(various versions), [GTA 3, VC, SA and 4], Crysis and Call of Duty, it feels like good PC gaming has come to a grinding halt. None of the good console games ever make it PC. Most new games have a huge arching backstory or a slew of new techniques to master which will leave you asking, is it fun yet? Where did the days of simplicity in PC gaming go? Why have the rest of Halo games made to the PC? Why are MMO's so mindnumbingly similar and involve intensive ammount of options that leave you wondering, how can this game be mastered?

There has been a growing trend in the gaming industry of biased platform targeting. Bias: PC gamers are nerds who live in dark basements and care only about magical characters who can fart rainbows, so let's give them the most complicated experience; console gamers are the ones who are normal everyday people who just want to get in a game and have fun, so let's provide a pick up and play experience for them which is simple and get's to the fun as fast as possible. BUT WHY!?

Just take a look at the top games list on any games related site, and you will see that it is filled with MMOs or iOS type indie games. Whatever happend to fighting games on PCs? What about fun racing games like GRID?

It used to be that the PC could recreate the arcade experience all on one machine, and this machine would be upgradable to provide a better experience down the road. That whole genre has now shifted to consoles and no upgrades means that we are still stuck with yesteryear's graphics in games.

The justification that people provide for this is that developers wanna get paid, and PC games are easy to pirate, so they just target consoles now. That's no excuse for abandoning the loyal gamers who played the PC games and actually bought them.

That's my rant. Anybody else feeling this burn?