A God Isn't a God that Bleeds: How Apple Leaves The Door Open For Competitors

The Secret Formula

Great industrial design
Beautiful high res screen
Smooth fast consistent software
Great services and functionality
Decent battery life
Great Camera
Great 3rd party apps
And finally awesome marketing

The Problem With Android and Jellybean

Androids on 4.1 are primed to really challenge the iPhone and iOS but currently 4.1 is attached to the galaxy nexus, which has an awful camera, awful battery life and a speaker that might as well not be there. Galaxy S3 is fast and smooth. It has great advertisements but it has a pentile screen and is made of cheapy plastic. The one x on the other hand has an amazing screen but it runs on a bloated and unnecessary skin. Motorola has great battery life but the razr is uglier than that girl you slept with that one time when you were wasted out of your mind. And a majority of these phones are a little too big for the average consumer even those with gigantic man hands. Android phones have many great things going for them but never seem to have all the ingredients of the secret formula.

Windows Phone You Say???.... Nope :(

Lumia 920 and 8x are said to have beautiful screens, beautiful design, smooth clean software, great cameras, the keyboard on WP is better than any keyboard on android or iOS. But that’s for another post on another forum. And let's assume great battery life. But windows phone has a gaping hole where decent 3rd party apps should be. You guys most likely have seen the Steve Ballmer video where he chants "developers, developers, developers". Unfortunately with all this talk of developers Microsoft has been absolutely abysmal when it comes to dealing with windows phone developers. There are countless horror stories from 3rd party developers saying dealing with Microsoft is a nightmare. 99.635% of apps on windows phone are doo doo. When I say doo doo I mean feces. And I say this as a lover and frequent user of windows phone.

A God Isn't A God That Bleeds

Siri, Apple maps, notifications, iOS stock apps. In these I see the mortality of Apple and it's name is Forstall. Apple hardware engineers are the best. Software wise it's mediocre compared to android and windows phone. Google has a backend that isn't matched anywhere. When I say backend (perverts) I mean a lot more data centers, better algorithms, and better engineers.

This is why even though I own several apple devices in some ways I respect google more than apple when it comes to software. Having the choice of default apps is a great example. It shows to me that google stock apps have amazing confidence. Google apps say "if you find something better than me then go right ahead, but we both know you won't" iOS stock apps are more like "oh hell no, you ain't going nowhere. Who the hell is chrome and why the hell are you spending so much time with her".

Apple in reality is really beautiful. But I can’t help feel like I have beautiful handcuffs on. Handcuffs that have chamfered edges that were carved by crystalline diamonds. I can’t shop for books on the amazon app. I can’t choose chrome as a default browser. Notifications are a bother. But damn it... the iPhone is still the best all around phone and it’s frustrating. It’s frustrating because Android and Windows Phone have a great opportunity to win my complete and undivided attention but they haven’t put all the pieces together.

Flying Pigs and Purple Unicorns

In the end I know nothing is perfect but I want the perfectly situated device. Because I'm not an apple fanboy, an android fanboy or a windows phone fanboy. I actually hate the word fanboy cause its turned into an expletive, but if you must lets just say we're tech fanboys. As a techie I want the amazing and the outrageously creative. In my dreams I dream of a phone who's hardware was manufactured by apple, who's stock apps and service were powered by google, who's music, movies and bookstores were ran by amazon and software that looks like it belongs on behance. So if Tim Cook AKA “cooki”, Steve Ballmer AKA “magic 8” Larry Page AKA “I lost my voice so I won’t show up for events for a couple of months Page” and the rest you have an insight to my dreams and I believe the dreams of many other techies. Go forth merge into a huge conglomerate and create this amazing and outrageously creative dream. Much Love... JT out.