The "map sucks" hypocrisy

The flaw of many articles about the "Apple maps suck" is - they take as granted that Google maps are perfect or would work better, example:

is a rigorous test with pretty awful results for Apple's new maps. Without comparison the conclusion is the new mapping solution is vastly inferior to the previous offering.

Yet putting the google maps in iOS 5 up to the same test the results are not nearly perfect and not really much better at all:

Most (not all) of the other posts are full of "evidence" which has no merit without comparison, to be honest most of them reuse the several examples (like the broken 3D imagery for manhattan bridges) from other posts not even bothering trying for themselves. Some of the "examples" have even been fixed and it doesn't stop their continuous spreading.

On top of that almost all of the evidence (except few like the linked article) does not even consider the main feature of the maps - the search - it shows various dysfunctions in the 3D engine, cloudy/blurry satelite imagery or missing items in various zoom levels. Or merely whining about missing features like streetview. Or even worse public transit data that only worked in a fraction of the world to begin with, the new solution with app integration being better for most of us.

Apple maps are worse than Google's offering or many others that had time to mature, only a lunatic would expect otherwise. The whole "apple maps suck" fiasco is hugely overblown though and fed mainly by the followers of the myth of some "perfect Google maps".

Googorola even went out of its way to feed the flame by a fake #iLost ad

Maybe its because I'm not from US or western europe, but the maps do not work any worse than the previous version. It always got me from A to B. I have reported several errors (few of them were fixed already) but does it really make me whine in the corner? Does it make the app unusable or broken? Does it make the whole OS or phone suck? No it does not. If you can't live without the old maps use the browser version, its 99% of the old app (except streetview of course).

(Around here even Google maps are blown away by our local "search giant" maps. In comparison with their dataset Google maps would lose, even the satelite imagery is more up to date and better overall. This doesn't mean Google maps suck, they just got more time (due to focus) to improve them.)


Consumer Reviews (the guys that really love to hate iPhone for various reasons like antennagate) posted another real-life review of the maps: