Ativ Tab (WinRT) Claims 12 Hour Battery Life

The Samsung Ativ Preview page just came to my attention, (Found Here) and what caught my eyes the most, was this:


This is very impressive considering it runs on the same sort of hardware as the android tablets and it can compete on battery life!

other notable points are that the Ativ Smart PC with Atom CPU has 9.4 HRS 13.5 Hours of battery life and the Ativ Pro with 1080p screen and ivy bridge cpu has 5 Hours 8 Hours.

have you spotted anything worth mentioning?

EDIT: As adventuretime32 & gamepop have mentioned, Ativ PC Pro actually has 8 Hours of battery life and not 5 & The Ativ Smart PC has 13.5 Hours of battery life not 9.4. Sorry for the error.