Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing has claimed that the company's loss-making mobile division will be profitable within half a year. Speaking to Bloomberg last week, Yang emphasized that the company, which recently beat out Apple for second place in the Chinese smartphone market, will introduce 40 new phone models in the 12 months from April, while focusing on acquisitions to sustain growth in other areas.

Since buying IBM's PC division in 2005, Lenovo has become the second-largest computer manufacturer in the world, and is attempting to pass market leader Hewlett-Packard (HP). While its mobile efforts have produced few memorable names outside of China, the company was responsible for the country's first smartphone running Intel's Medfield chipset, the LePhone K800.

According to Yang, the company will begin selling smartphones in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines in "a couple of months." For more on Lenovo's international strategy, check out our lengthy interview with EMEA head Gianfranco Lanci from the IFA trade show last week.