Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Nokia Location Services

Just a minor bit of news but a little fitting considering all of the leaks we've had lately.

I just noticed that the labeling on services that use Bing Maps, Facebook, 4Square and even Bing maps itself, once said "(c) Navteq". Now they've changed it to "(c) Nokia". The change had to be today or recently as only yesterday I remembered seeing Navteq.

Maybe (Most likely) this is in preparation for what they'll reveal two days from now at the Lumia event.


Another interesting thing to remember is that Apple's maps also make use of Bing Mapping services (CNET,IDB) so maybe they'll also benefit from some of what Nokia and Microsoft will reveal. Nokia is now positioning itself as the "Where" company aka the premier mapping company. Good times are ahead for fans of these OSes.