Why doesn't the Verge treat apps like a product?

I'm constantly looking for the best apps. The app store doesn't do a good enough job. Chomp is a marginal improvement, but it still isn't what I hoped for. Why doesn't the Verge do more reviews and comparisons of apps. They are just as interesting to me if not more than any other product category. I think one of the things I like most about the Verge is that they strike a good balance of producing too many posts versus too few posts most of the time. It feels focused but informative. As important as software is, and with the greatest strength of the biggest news story being the superiority of Apple's apps, shouldn't some attention be paid to the apps themselves. Apps aren't even given a place on the products or reviews tabs. There is certainly more going on with apps than in e-readers, headphones, and input devices. By the Verge reviewing and comparing interesting apps, it can bring attention to the best apps more quickly which hopefully make the developers more money giving more incentive to push app progress forward.