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Nokia Lumia 920


The Nokia Lumia 920 (PureView) is the rumored upcoming first flagship for Nokia's Windows Phone 8 arsenal. It is rumored to have the following specs:

  • Processor: 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • Screen Size: 4.5in
  • Cameras: Back: 8MP or (21MP nothing is confirmed as yet) Front: 1.3MP
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 32GB (Possible MicroSD card support)
  • Connectivity: LTE, Bluetooth (4.0 rumored), GPS, Assorted motion sensors
  • Software: Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)
  • Special features: Wireless Charging, Pureview
  • Coverage/Availability: AT&T (Thus far)

Background (Can be skipped but read the bold text beneath)

Windows Phone has always been labelled as a breath of fresh air in the mobile market since it's introduction. It instantly captured the imaginations of many of our famous internet reviewers with descriptions such as 'beautiful' and 'unique' and 'brilliant'. It was an OS that did things out of the norm by integrating necessary apps and services that one would usually have to buy and download and fitting them into a UI that is arguably (for non-users mostly) the most fluid OS out there.

There was however one problem with Windows Phone (Windows Phone 7 to be exact). It was a stop-gap OS and anyone who claims to be a techie or frequents online blogs like the Verge should know this by now. Hence there were a number of things that limited the success of Windows Phone. While the OS did some unique things (and regular things faster and better), it also didn't allow some things other OSes do (simple and advanced). The OS was also limited to "last years specs" which our kind Android friends, made sure to remind us on every occasion possible (Thank you friends). These in-turn also limited the attraction of big gaming companies and popular apps as the capabilities and the platform (people-wise) didn't exist compared to other competitors. However, those of us that did adopt Windows Phone, realized the gem that Microsoft was playing with here, we enjoyed the OS regardless of those limitations.

Fast forward to the current and we see Microsoft on the Verge of releasing the next iteration of Windows Phone and this is hardly just "the next" iteration. This is an entire architecture change that even resulted in WP7 devices not being able to benefit from it. This architecture change, opens Windows Phone to tons of new possiblities like, Enhanced gaming, Memory expansion, Native Code support, among other things. Also fast-forward here and we see Nokia on the Verge of releasing what could be its saving grace, the Lumia 920.

But/ As usual our lovely (Android?) friends and some others claiming to be "Windows Phone owners with multiple WP devices" have dropped in to say hi. They have once again raised their voices on the specs of a device that hasn't been released and reviewed as yet becuase they're not up-to-par with their expectations of a modern smartphone.


"Nyah nyah nyah Why doesn't the Lumia 920 have a Quad Core processor?", cry the 2/3/4 people in the comments section of almost all the recent articles about the Lumia 920. (But yet they stir up the biggest Shi_Storm). Their argument is that "The people want the specs even if they mean nothing to them" or "Wouldn't you want a phone that's future-proofed? (Gave example of the not-yet-released Optimus G from LG<----). They fail to acknowlegde that everything a phone can do today can be done on dual-core processors as the majority of phones out there are exactly that. Stuff that WP7 couldn't do such as 1080p recording, 3D gaming etc. can now be done with WP8. I am still of the belief that many of these making the outcries have not used a Windows Phone because then they'd truly realize how unoptimized their OS used to be if it requires a quad core processor to accomplish tasks smoothly.

As for future-proofing, the Lumia 920 specs and the fact that it will fit perfectly into the newly renovated Windows 8 ecosystem (Consumer and Enterprise) that Microsoft is now rolling out and promise of support for up to 18 months means that it will be pretty well future-proofed device.


PureView/Faux-View/Fake-View... are the names people were referring to the 8MP PureView camera that the Lumia 920 is rumored to be coming with. These people have not even seen what they quality the camera and its pictures will look like yet they're already raising the roof. What if Nokia was able master the PureView tech to the point where they could obtain 41MP PureView type quality photos without the need for the 41MP sensor and the hump and extra weight it invokes? Obviously if Nokia has placed that much emphasis on the camera of the device, based on the teaser and the tweets (From both Nokia and Carl Zeiss) they must be playing with something really great. So just relax and see what's in-store because nothing can tarnish the reputation of a branding that's not even popular outside of photo-enthusiasts and tech geeks on these blogs


After their "disappointment" from not seeing a 41MP or 21MP in the Lumia 920 as reported, some commenters resort to downplaying other pretty nice features of the Lumia such as wireless charging. Comments such as "So they try to make us overlook the 8MP fakview by throwing on wireless charging? FAIL" or "My Palm Pre had this, this is hardly revolutionary. "Okay then, but is your Pre still supported? Does your RAZR MAXX support it? Does it take away from the device? No, No and No. It's a legit feature and will serve a a good purpose when us Windows Phone fans use it.


To hell with the Spec war....

I like Android for it's "Openess" and that's all. As long as Windows Phone can manage to record and play 1080p, play the latest games, inter-connect with my PC, Xbox and Tablets for gaming and productivity through NFC, Bluetooth etc then I don't give a hoot about Quad Core because all current devices can manage to do that on a dual-core. There is nothing much out there for a smartphone to do that justifies a quad core processor (unless you're running unoptimized software).


Last but not least this is just about the hardware aspect of one of the many phones that will be running WP8. And even if the software manages to blow people's minds, they will still find some reason to downplay it. for example they say, I'll never buy something from Microsoft or something that runs Windows or, the apps are still a problem. So my advice to you all (including myself) is to just ignore the haters, don't respond, let their fellow Android/whatever OS compatriots recommend them and let's enjoy the delight of watching our favorite platform mature!


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