Innovation leads to Innovation

Lets talk innovation. Many of my friends and family no I’m not the biggest fan of Apple the company, but I do have respect for their products. No it is not for me, but they cater to a significant portion of the market. Now in regards to innovation, I will admit the original iPhone changed the smartphone industry tremendously, and since then they have brought some cool stuff to the market.

However, what really really urks me is when folks feel Apple is the only one innovating and everyone else is copying. To me innovation is building something better off of what already exist, and companies should take pride at being the first not the only and continuously build off of that.

Now when we talk innovation we can start back from the Palm pilot days, but I will begin from Apple's introduction of the iPhone. Apple wowed us with the iPhone in 2007 causing manufacturers to rethink their smartphone lineup, and brought the idea of Apps to our forefront. Their focus was simplicity and design which in turn is what people liked about it. Google countered with their Android OS, offering users a “more powerful” OS which focused on customizability and functionality, this spurred the growth of the Android user development. Who would think, I can custom build my own OS with features that I want. Google’s model of open source software was a huge innovation to the smartphone industry, creating the likes of AOKP, BAMF, CyanogenMod, etc. Since then Apple and Google have been borrowing from each other and the developer community left and right. In addition the Apple App Store was a huge innovation to mobile apps, Google created their own marketplace for apps, while introducing new features like installing and removing apps from your phone without even touching it. I consider that major innovation for Mobile app stores.

Here are just a few of the major innovations we sometimes scream and argue about:

iPhone (2007) led to Full Screen Touch Smartphones (That is what is, yes I know the Prada Phone was first)
iTunes led to Apple App Store which led to Android Market which led to Google Play Store.
Apple introduced Facetime which led to Google Talk Video Chat which led to Google+ Hangouts
Apple Visual Voicemail led to Google Voice
Google Wallet (NFC Enabled) led to iOS Passbook (Not sure about NFC)
Google Voice Actions led to Siri which led to Google Now
Google Maps led to Apple Maps (In regards to who had 3D first I will not get into it)
Android Notifications Drawer led to iOS Notifications Center.

Again I could go on, but I think everyone on both sides needs to just recognize that a company can innovate off of another’s innovation. It happens all the time, but I think we are sometimes so stuck in our fanboy wars we don’t recognize it.