A "Pick a Phone Thread" Smaller, cheaper phone.

Ahh well, it's time for me to do one of these things...

So, my daughter needs a phone. She doesn't want a big phone. Not a Galaxy Nexus.
She's been eyeing an old HTC Aria we have lying around, but that has a battery life of about half an hour.
And I am not very wealthy right now. The phone doesn't have to be utterly current or especially high specs, but I'd like it to have ICS at least downloadable.

So I'm looking in the online stores... the guys who just source phones from Hong Kong. Kogan & millenius & mobicity (all ".com.au" if you are curious). I am quite comfy with buying Grey Market.

Right now, I think think the main contenders are the Xperia U and the HTC One V. Neat little things that are fairly current, and not expensive.

Is there anything else I should be looking at?