INNOVATION: I'm not sure most people know what it means

Ever since the samsung vs apple trial ive been hearing a lot of blogger (not real journalist) and android fans saying apple is hurting innovation, apple doesnt know how to innovate, apple is litigating instead of innovating. It just a load of crap to say apple is hurting innovation and they arent innovating anymore. Apple is innovating and has revolutionized in a lot of areas. They do it in iPhones, ipads, ipods, macs, apple stores, customer support. People that say this dont have one clue of what it means. People think innovating is creating something brand new every year but thats not how it works. When you have something that works well you try to build upon it ti be easier to use and more advanced. You just can't dramatically change the look something just for the sake of doing it because people will get lost or confused. Mac OS X dont look that different from 2001 but they build upon to be easier, intuitive, polished, and more advanced. All they do i was make was incremental updates to the ui. How much different does Ferrari, Mercedez Benz, Roll Royce, F-150 look from 20 yrs ago...not that much. yes they made incremental updates to the car design but you would recognize a 20 year old ferrari if you saw it on the road.

All this talk about innovation i actually thinks it helps innovation because it was very clear Samsung copied apple, other do it also but Samsung took to a new level. I mean look at Windows 7 and the lumia. Yea its not selling well but they didnt copy apple at all. Innovation cost money and most of these android oem's are losing money and they could hurt them trying to innovate better.

Innovation means making changes in something established by introducing new methods, ideas, or Products.

Since we are talking about innovation ill like to ask what has Samsung, HTC, Motorola, or LG innovated or Revolutionized in anything.