Why Microsoft Shouldn't Let Pro OEM Versions of Win8 Downgrade to Win7

I read an article on Engadget about how Microsoft was allowing OEMs to give customers who buy products with Win8 Pro the option of downgrading to Win7. IMO I think it would be really dumb for Microsoft to do this for a lot of reasons. First of all, if people are given the option to downgrade, they'll take it if they're sketchy about Win8. Then people won't be exposed to the new interface and. . . well it all goes downhill from there. The second reason is because it would ruin their image. If a company offers and average person a brand new interface and then gives them an option to downgrade from it, I'm pretty sure the person would be worried that the company making the OS is doubting itself. I know Microsoft is trying to make enterprise people happy especially, but putting this option out to everyone wouldn't be a very smart move on Microsoft's part IMO. Anyone with me?