RIM has been showing off its upcoming BlackBerry 10 handsets behind closed doors for a month or so now, which means that the inevitable leaks were bound to come. To start, N4BB has an image of what's widely-assumed to be the first device running BB10, and it bears a small resemblance to the first images of the "London" we first revealed last November. It's also another look at the app launcher on BlackBerry 10, though we're hoping that the squared-off look of the icons and their labels is merely a placeholder for a more polished, final product. Given the acquisition, it's not surprising to see DocsToGo represented here, and the other notable icon is for "StoryMaker," apparently for video editing.

The "L-Series" phone also made an earlier appearance in an aggressively blurred-out video from BlackBerry Italia, showing the phone's boot-up SIM-card instructions (of all things). There are precious few bit of information to glean from from the video below, but apparently the LS1 battery will power two different L-Series phones, codenamed London and Liverpool. Hopefully RIM will stop playing coy later this month at its BlackBerry Jam Americas conference.