The REAL reason why some hate Android



So, There are two(or three if you include WP) factions in the tech world, But for now, We talk along the Android and Apple Factions.

Usually, An A v. A flamewar goes like this

Apple Guy: I hate Android

Android Guy: Why?

Apple Guy: It's laggy

Android Guy: Laggy? lol, sheep much

And thats only 1 out of a thousand arguements Applenauts throw in. And you know the reson? Here.

Fact: There are low-end, mid-end and high-end Android phones

Hypothesis: The hater may have had experience with the low-end type Android phone, While the fan may have had experience with high-end types.

Thing is, Low-end = laggy, High-end = smooth, Thus, the hater will then speak as if all Android phones are laggy, Now, he hates Android.

Who makes the low-end phones? OEMs.

It's the OEM's fault that there are haters.

Hence, The OEMs themselves ruin Android's image.