2.8" Screens: The "Eeny Weeny Screen" Problem

The LG Optimus Me

So, You just bought your new fancy Galaxy SIII? You may also notice one thing about Android, the choices of screen size. So, Let's talk about the minimum screen choice, the 2.8".
As you may notice, most tech people throw around stuff like "Android is fragmented", It is in fact a half-truth, In my own experience as a current LG Optimus Me user, I have noticed that most apps are slow and the font is small mainly because of the app's need to adjust to my phone's screen.

So why do you think very few apps(and app makers) care about 2.8" screens?
That is because of the fact that that screen size is old, and you rarely see a 2.8" device in the citys. Also, this particular screen size has many variants, some are wider than the others, some longer,etc. And in plain English is known as Fragmentation.
I (personally) think that 2.8" is here to stay for >4 years as an entry level screen size.
Also, Here's another reason why developers don't care
2.8" screens, 600-800MHz processors(common in 2.8" phones) are mostly used in Chinese iPhone fakes, There is also Android FroYo and Gingerbread, 2 common versions that are used for fakes. The developers just fail to see that the 2.8" screen is also used in genuine phones like the Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Pocket and LG Optimus Me.