Polytips: How to score more in Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is one of the best adventurous game that provides the gamer with immense fun. The game can be played by any age group and Halfbrick Games made sure that they design it in such a way so that you can enjoy it for hours and never feel anything repetitive. One question that most of you were asking me is how to score more or rather how to travel greater distances using your Jetpack. Well, in order to answer this question I thought I would write an article and let you know about all the tips and tricks required to master Jetpack Joyride. If you follow aloof my instructions correctly then you are definitely going to go further than 2000m and get a good rank in the Game Center listings.


Anticipate the Speed Change

Jetpack Joyride can sometimes be very tricky because asylum progress the entire game speed increases giving you less time to react to the upcoming obstacles. You should also take a note of the distance you are traveling when you throttle up and try to clear a zappler. After 1000m you need to feel the change that. You jumping distance increases significantly so plan your progress accordingly. If you have played the game a couple of times then you must know that the lasers are the easiest to overcome. I bet most of you lose the game when you try to overcome multiple zapplers at high speed.

In Jetpack Joyride adaptability is the key to survival. Try to anticipate the position of the next zappler or missiles. The more you play, the more accurate you will be with your anticipations.

Gravity Belt Gadget

The gravity belt gadget is one of the most crucial equipment that will help you get further in terms of distance. This gadget is available at a very early stage do makes sure you buy and equip it. You can only select two gadgets but I highly recommend that you make gravity belt a permanent listing and experiment yourself with the other slot.
Gravity belt allows you to land quicker when you thrust upwards with your jet pack. You must be wondering as to why, you need to do so. Trust me on this one, once you go a bit further you will fail to skip past zapplers even if you perfect your timing from one obstacle to another. The belt ensures that you get down quickly and easily creates room for tight maneuvers. It is also helpful when you are trying to skip multiple missiles.

Always Aim for Vehicles

One of the most important tricks to travel further id to collect and ride as many vehicles as possible. Vehicles provide you with lots of advantage compared to Barry running simply with a jetpack on his back. First of all, once your vehicle is destroyed by a missile or something, you still continue with your run. This means everytime you are collecting a vehicle, you are also getting an extra life. This is great compared to the fact how precious lives can make a lot of difference in the overall score. Vehicles also shows down your speed. This is particularly important when you are traveling after 2000m and the speed of your gameplay becomes vey hard to handle. Time your character for a vehicle and you will see that the game speed starts from that of the initial again. However please keep in mind that once your vehicle do get destroyed, your original game speed will return instantaneously. Always keep an eye on the middle part of your game space to grab a vehicle in Jetpack Joyride.

Master the art of using Teleporter

The Teleporter can be one of the Most effective vehicles if you wanna set a record breaking score they is unbeatable. I agree with most experienced players that it is not so good for collecting coins and must be used for the sole purpose of traveling further. Try to time each change in the Teleporter correctly and you will surprised as to how easily you an overcome some of the toughest series of obstacles.



Jetpack Joyride is one of those games where you have infinite Amount of possibilities to travel further and beat your friends in Game Center. The above few tips are some of the most essential ones and you can always come up with your own unique combinations and shatter all records. Finally, I would like to conclude this long running post with a few other gadgets and utilities to look out for:

1. Insta ball

2. Atom Blasts

3. Big Blasts

4. 750 m head starts (avoid using super head starts)

Thanks for reading my tips and good luck. Please post any other useful tip that you think should have been included n this list. Don't forget to post your high scores here.

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