The problem of a Notification Center: Redundancy

What is the point of a Notification Center showing you missed a call when the phone tile tells you that? What is the point of a Notification Center telling you that you have three text messages when the messaging tile tells you that? If a Notication Hub(sounds much better than center) was too be included, for it to be effective and useful, it can't be redundant in anyway. The only notifications that don't show on the lock screen or homescreen, seem to be toat notifcation from apps that aren't pinned and others for some reason (poor decision skills of the developer) don't show relevant information on the tile. The best solution for a unified notification system in WP would be to present that missing information visably on either the lockscreen and homescreen (perhaps both in some situations)

Perhaps, having the ME tile show notifications of apps not pinned to the HS.

I was going to suggest having a counter on the arrow button that points to the app draw, and when the user goes to the app draw, the apps with a notification would be listed on the top of the screen, but WP8 doesn't have the arrow anymore.

The live tile concept its good but I'm not too big about it. Alot of the information shown from the concept is shown by pinned apps or the lockscreen.

Any other ideas on a non-redudant notification concept.


From reading the comments it seems as though, Windows Phone doesn't need a Notification Center, Rather it needs a histroy log. A log which by default stays in the background and can be pinned to the HomeScreen. It should have listed the date and time, a call/message/notification shows, the date and time a toast came and other miscellaneus things like when an app was updated/downloaded/deleted. When viewed the items don't disappear, they stay logged. The option to have the log be cleared daily/weekly/monthly/manually should be there.

A histroy log wouldn't be exactly redundant to the live tiles concept seeing as a different niche but can be used easily used as a notification center.