Windows 8 flash gaming (Video) FarmVille2 and Angrybirds

Tablet flash gaming I believe was the biggest flop of Android early adopters. More so, those of us who bought tablets. Performance just was not there and games did not properly support touch. With the down of Windows 8 things may start to change.

Although Flash based gaming has not been announced as a Windows 8 highlight, the truth is that the latest the most recent facebook games seems to be implementing some degree of touch support and in some cases it is really ubiquitous like the two games I'm showcasing here:

Windows 8 Tablet Flash Games Farmville 2 / Angry Birds Friends (via Abraham Saenz)

Will flash gaming on Windows 8 tablets take off?, too early to tell, the fact is that developers can implement touch support and if tablets become more popular as expected, I don't see why they will not do so. But my wife loves that she can play Farmville 2 on the tablet with no compromises really (other than pinch to zoom) and I love that I can play Angybirds, this are things we are loving about the Windows 8 experience and millions of early adopters will love too. True cloud gaming is still a Flash only feature not even store games on any platform can compete with it.

With iOS and Android dropping flash support this gives Windows 8 a clear advantage here, I know, I know, HTML5 is the future, but this is far from been a real alternative yet and developers seems to be discontent with it , HTML5 btw is also better implemented on IE10 than competitors thus far in both features and performance so anyways this plays out Windows 8 got the upper hand at the moment.

What do you guys think?, can this be a true advantage of Windows 8 tables (At least x86 ones) ? We are already enjoying the experience, what about you?