Windows RT on a 7 inch screen

Hey Tribe, I was a little curious about how everyone feels about a 7 inch WinRT tablet. My interest is in having something extremely portable that I can fit in a white-coat pocket (so 10 inches is too big!), something large enough to write on with a stylus (so, larger than a phone). Currently, I carry a 6x4 notebook and transcribe my important notes later. It fits nicely enough in my pocket, but I run through them pretty quickly, and I have to pull out my phone if I want to review any references. It would be great to have my notes and references on a single device instead of juggling a notebook and a phone. The notebook is about 7 inches diagonally (How about that!). So, here's my question tribe: How do I make this greatness happen? Do I wait for a 7 inch WinRT tablet to get released? Do I take the plunge on a Nexus 7 and hope XDA comes up with a way to help me escape android hell? I would really dislike having to use android for this purpose, but I'm not sure if/when a 7 inch windows 8 tablet will show up. Lastly, just curious if people think a 7 inch windows 8 tablet makes any sense to begin with. Is it enough space for the tiles to really shine?